June Oscar AO - 10th Anniversary of the Apology

On Monday 12th February, the eve of the 10th Anniversary of the Apology to the Stolen Generations, June Oscar AO, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner delivered a keynote address to 1200 people. You can read to full speech at the Australian Human Rights Commission website. 

SOLD OUT! Apology Breakfast

Apology Breakfast –SOLD OUT!

Tickets for Reconciliation SA’s Apology Breakfast, “The Apology, Truth-Telling and Human Rights”,have sold out! The interest and enthusiasm for the breakfast is always high, and the 10th Anniversary is no exception. We understand that there are many individuals and organisations who are wanting to attend the breakfast but were unable to book tickets, and as such have created a waiting list.

To put your name on the waiting list, please get in touch with Linikka on 8226 2614.