Be A Corporate Sponsor

Reconciliation SA Partners are integral to our success.

Our Partners have made a significant contribution to the work of Reconciliation SA and the promotion of reconciliation in South Australia.


Operational Partners

Operational Partnership provide funds to support the brand and operations of Reconciliation SA.

This drives our Vision, Purpose, Values and Approach across South Australia enabling us to contribute towards the best practice efforts advancing the reconciliation movement.

Project and Event Partners

Project and Event Partners brings to life our strategic projects and events, this type of sponsorship is often time limited and enable events and projects to come to life and have maximum intended impact in the work of Reconciliation SA.

Projects and Events run by Reconciliation SA are carefully selected to ensure that they support the Strategic Directions of the organisation. As new sponsorship and grants become available Reconciliation SA will continue to evolve the areas of work.

Please talk to Reconciliation SA’s Executive Director for more information about how you would like to contribute to Reconciliation SA through Sponsorship.