Meet Reconciliation SA’s Interim CEO

Belinda has over 20 years experience working across housing, land use planning and public transport portfolios with a focus on improving customer outcomes and developing prosperous, sustainable and inclusive communities. She is currently the Chief Executive of Reconciliation SA, a not for profit member based organisation championing a safe, inclusive and equitable society and leading the reconciliation movement across South … Read More

Reconciliation SA and Uluru Dialogue SA Leadership Team at WOMAD!

WOMADelaide is an annual four-day festival of Music, Arts and Dance, which was first held in 1992 in Botanic Park, Adelaide, South Australia. One of many WOMAD festivals held around the world, it is a four-day event that presents a multicultural selection of music from artists around the world, as well as side events such as discussions and talks. In 2022 The weekend featured a … Read More

2022 State Election Platform Policy Summary

A reconciled South Australia would provide a testament to both the maturity of a society and our commitment to institutional and systemic bravery to embrace the change needed to build a community that is fair and just for all that live, work and play within it.    For a PDF version of the 2022 Policy Platform Details click here.For a … Read More

Hear from the Sponsors and Supporters

With the cancellation of the in-person Apology event that Reconciliation SA would normally host, the sponsors and supporters of the event were left in limbo as some tough decisions had to be made. However, the sponsors and supporters were gracious enough to put their support behind the commemorative film that premiered on the 13th of February. We asked the sponsors … Read More

A Few Ways To Be Respectful On January 26

January 26: A Resource Guide Learn, unlearn and make your contribution to a respectful January 26 this 2022. Reconciliation SA has pulled together a guide from many sources that will provide information and advice on the differing perspectives of January 26 and what you can do to be respectful and an ally at this time. Please note, this guide does … Read More

Gleeson College Embark on Reconciliation Journey

Gleeson College students and staff used more than words in National Reconciliation Week in 2021 – they also took action, as this year’s theme strongly encouraged them to do. During NRW 2021, the college held: truth-telling history sessions attended the Reconciliation in the North Morning Tea had interactive displays with First Nation artefacts QR Code reconciliation calls to action in … Read More

Getting around to Reconciliation: O’Sullivan Beach/Lonsdale Football Club

With the AFL and SANFL Seasons just having finished, it’s the perfect time to hear a feel-good story from one of the local South Australian football leagues. This one comes in the form of an interview with Anthony Bernhardt, Aboriginal Outreach Worker with Sonder, and veteran of the O’Sullivan Beach/Lonsdale Football Club. A club that was formed after a merger … Read More

Interview: Reconciliation SA Board Member Anthony Rologas

Born and raised in Anēwan country (Armidale NSW), Anthony Rologas has lived and worked in Adelaide since 2005, working in a number of different roles in the international and Australian community development sectors. His current role is Chief Operating Officer with Ninti One Limited, a not-for-profit Aboriginal company whose purpose is to build opportunities with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander … Read More

Shaun Childs: Looking to the future!

On July 26th Shaun Childs joined the Reconciliation SA Anti-Racism Program Officer, shortly after he was thrown into the deep end of program delivery.   A part of Shaun’s role is to deliver the nationally recognised anti-racism program in conjunction with Act Now Theatre, Generation of Change, and two weeks after starting, Shaun’s was in action.   Shaun’s first workshop was delivered at Blackwood High School … Read More