Opening the Conversation

Opening the Conversation about appropriate access to mainstream health services for Aboriginal people

2017 Apology T-Shirt Available for Pre-order

Reconciliation SA’s 2017 Apology T-shirt is now available for pre-order in a bold new colour! The T-shirts will also be available for purchase at our Apology Breakfast, to be held on Monday 13th February.

Reconciliation SA Newsletter

The Reconciliation SA newsletter is a fortnightly publication covering the latest news from the reconciliation sector.

Why should I care about change?

When our Constitution was formed, Australia was a different place. Today, our national identity and our relationships as Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians greatly contrasts the ideas that were put forward in 1900.

Statement NT human rights abuse

Australia’s Shame – the Four Corner’s program has brought the abhorrent treatment of our children to the forefront of the national conscious. Like you, I felt outrage, pain and hopelessness at the images of those boys, tear-gassed, stripped, beaten, held down, locked up or hooded.