March to Kokoda Concert

The Reconciliation Trekkers have been working hard, slogging up hills and stairs, training each weekend to prepare for the September Kokoda Track Reconciliation Trek.

Students, teachers and schools have been asked to help fundraise to support the group’s journey to Papua New Guinea. The trekkers from Brighton Secondary College, Harry, Alex, David and Caitlyn will be holding the March to Kokoda Concert as their major fundraising event.

Held on Tuesday 28th March, the concert is split into four sections;

  • Culture – focussing on the strength, wealth and resilience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.
  • Invasion – exploring the impact of colonisation on Australian’s first people. It will include a song written specifically for the night by trekker, Alex.
  • War – this section will draw on the pain that results from war and the sacrifices made by Aboriginal Veterans for their country.
  • Reconciliation – the concert will finish with the whole of school choir coming together for a final, hopeful performance.

Tickets can be bought at the door or by calling the school on 8375 8200