A Few Ways to be Respectful on January 26

At all times Reconciliation SA aims to actively promote deep respect and pride for First Nations culture and connection to country. The importance of unlearning and relearning the truth about Australia’s settlement is essential if we are truly committed to a just and reconciled society.

This is particularly pertinent on Australia Day, where we take great care to ensure that this deep respect is infused into everything that we undertake as part of our commemorations. But in doing so we acknowledge that the 26th of January is a date that, for many, is a reminder of the hurt, trauma and dispossession of First Nations people from this country, which was directly caused by the arrival of Europeans to this land.

Our desire is that Australia Day is a time, above all, for inclusion, as well as an opportunity for greater understanding of our shared history and how this truth can play a part in the coming together for a unified national identity.

With this in mind Reconciliation South Australia has developed a ‘STARTER LIST’ on a few ways we can all be respectful on January 26, this list is by no means exhaustive, but provides the beginnings for others to start this important opportunity to learn, respect and cherish the longest living culture in the world.