Hear from the Sponsors and Supporters

With the cancellation of the in-person Apology event that Reconciliation SA would normally host, the sponsors and supporters of the event were left in limbo as some tough decisions had to be made. However, the sponsors and supporters were gracious enough to put their support behind the commemorative film that premiered on the 13th of February.

We asked the sponsors and supporters to share some words, hear from them below.

Principle Sponsor



The Department for Child Protection is proud to partner with Reconciliation SA.    As an organisation, we are committed to putting reconciliation at the heart of all we do, working in accordance with the Aboriginal Child Placement Principle and building strong partnerships with Aboriginal families and communities.  We know that this means acknowledging and learning from our mistakes, including the policies that led to the forced removal of Aboriginal children.   It means championing justice and actively stamping out racism. It means recognising, respecting and valuing the strength of Aboriginal cultures so that Aboriginal children grow up proud and strong in identity.   

We are grateful for the support of our Aboriginal partners who help us to make sure Aboriginal children feel safe, happy and connected to their families, communities, culture and Country.   We believe that one of the main ways we can help achieve reconciliation is through our practice.  As part of our efforts, we are working hard to embed Aboriginal cultural governance, to invest in Aboriginal people and organisations to deliver services, and to privilege the voices of Aboriginal children and young people in all that we do.


Major Sponsor



As a mutual organisation we give people a fairer, smarter and more human alternative to traditional banks.

We take a proactive approach to connect and work with our members one-on-one to make sure they are achieving their financial goals.

We give back to the community we call home by supporting local organisations that make a real difference.


Minor Sponsor



Green Adelaide is proud to be part of the creation of the Apology Commemorative Film. It’s sponsorships like this that speak to our value and commitment to the Kaurna community and underpins our journey toward reconciliation with all First Nations groups. Our key relationship with Kaurna supports our vision of a cooler, greener and wilder Adelaide, which acknowledges our shared history and celebrates our unique city.

The creation of the Green Adelaide Kaurna Advisory Group - ‘Warpulai Kumangka’ - has been key to ensuring that Kaurna cultural practices are restored across metropolitan Adelaide, and that Kaurna’s vision for the future is at the heart of our business. Warpulai Kumangka is Kaurna language for ‘working together’ and reiterates the priority of partnerships in restoring Kaurna ways of knowing, doing and being. The advisory group has been established under the Kaurna Yarta Aboriginal Corporation.

Warpulai Kumangka is about focusing on a mutually beneficial learning experience to create a cooler, greener and wilder city. This is reflected in Green Adelaide’s branding with the artwork Kardalta Tarntanya that was created by Kaurna artist Allan Sumner. It shows the importance of the relationships between land, water, sea, and biodiversity, and people keeping each other healthy, thriving and connected.

We’ll continue to work with Warpulai Kumangka to raise awareness and build capacity about Aboriginal cultural knowledge, values and lore. This will lead to traditional practices being embedded in more of metropolitan Adelaide’s environmental projects and activities.


Green Adelaide’s vision and how it will achieve it is portrayed in this artwork by Kaurna artist Allan Sumner.  This illustration has become Green Adelaide’s defining way of linking with the First People of the Adelaide Plains.

More info here.





The National Apology to the Stolen Generations was a speech of significant meaning. The anniversary of the National Apology is a day that holds special meaning for a number of our team members at Ochre Dawn - this is why we committed to supporting this film as a company. It was also important to us to support our wonderful friends at Reconciliation SA whom we have worked with for a number of years and truly appreciate the impactful work that they do in our communities, schools and businesses.

Ochre Dawn is a First Nations owned and operated business that welcomes people of all nations – we work together, we walk together and together we build the paths of Reconciliation. We connect culture with corporations and merge ancient Indigenous ways with modern Industry work.

As Aboriginal people, we are natural storytellers – it’s part of our makeup. As an Aboriginal-owned branding and marketing company, storytelling is our business.

We help others to tell their story in visually captivating ways. We tell these stories through ethically sourced artwork, promotional products, uniforms, office outfitting, Reconciliation Action Plans, providing a safe space for cultural learning, community engagement and much more.

Our Founder and CEO, Rebecca Wessels, is a proud Peramangk and Ngarrindjeri woman, and a descendant of the Stolen Generations, including her mother and grandmother. Rebecca’s commitment to sponsor and support the Apology Commemorative Film was therefore both a personal and professional decision.

We walk together in Reconciliation.



Intract Australia still wanted to be involved even though the breakfast was cancelled, as the only private Aboriginal Business that has supported and sponsored the event in recent years we did not want to let Reconciliation SA down by not supporting the event whichever form that may take.

We at Intract Australia strongly believe in Reconciliation and bringing all peoples together for this journey, we also believe and recognise that Reconciliation goes both ways. I would love to see events that are not just organised by Aboriginal people for the true meaning and spirit of reconciliation.

John is a proud Yorta Yorta man he is one of three original founders of Intract, growing the Company from Intract Indigenous Contractors (an Indigenous Division of McMahon Services Australia) in 2010 to a successful standalone Indigenous construction company, as Intract Australia Pty Ltd.

John brings passion, extensive industry experience and a true understanding of Aboriginal culture to Intract. This combination creates a vibrant, innovative and successful leadership model, that has seen sound Company growth over the last decade.

John’s industry experience is a national portfolio of achievements in the construction and resources sector, where he has spent a large portion of his career, growing Aboriginal people and capability.

His leadership and knowledge are widely recognised:

At Intract Australia, John has delivered significant Indigenous outcomes leading 90+ full-time employees nationwide, an 92% Indigenous workforce, and a 25% female workforce.

He has bid, won and delivered significant road and building projects for Defence and State and Territory Governments and continues to look for innovation and diversification opportunities for the Company.

John’s focus on Closing the Gap, is paramount to the business model that he drives at Intract Australia. Operating as a for-profit, private sector Company, with ongoing Indigenous employment at the core, John is truly demonstrating Indigenous excellence.



The nature of Sarah Construction’s business is to facilitate and contribute to positive change and in doing so embrace opportunities that extend beyond our project knowledge and project scope for the benefit of others and the wider community.

Our engagement opportunities are strengthened by our commitment to our Reconciliation, focussing on our learning of Aboriginal and Torrens Strait Islander culture and establishing relationships to recognise, support and respect the importance of our First Nations people.

As a sponsor of the National Apology Video Campaign and a current Gold Member, Sarah’s relationship with Reconciliation SA is strengthened by our mutual view to work towards a society free from prejudice, discrimination, and racism all whilst understanding the values and inclusion of First Nations people.

Sarah would like to take this opportunity to commend Reconciliation SA for an outstanding production of the Apology to the Stolen Generation Commemorative Film, specifically the authenticity shown, and the genuine, clear and important messaging delivered.

We Say Sorry.


SACOSS, as the peak body for the non-government community services sector, is committed to a future where justice, opportunity and shared wealth is available to all South Australians. So, there are very few things as important to us as our relationship with, and support for, First Nations people and naturally we sponsored the Apology Commemorative film.

Understanding and apologising for historical wrongs is essential. It’s about us telling the truth. But that’s also just one step on a path to reconciliation. SACOSS also advocates for things that matter right now – that children’s futures are not blighted by being incarcerated and that the age of criminal responsibility is raised from 10 to at least 14 years old.  We believe that a justice system should look at prevention and early intervention strategies as part of a detailed and properly funded plan to reduce the overrepresentation of First Nations people in prison. We support the Uluru Statement from the Heart as another important step forward in the process of truth-telling and establishing a First Nations voice.

SACOSS’ focus is eliminating the poverty and disadvantage that reduces opportunities. We envision a world where everyone has the chance to live as fully as possible and that can only be a world in which there is justice for First Nations people.



Early Childhood Australia [SA Committee]  is proud to partner with Reconciliation SA in their “National Apology to the Stolen Generation Commemorative Film” for 2022.

Through the music, performances, storytelling, and discussions within the film, we are reminded of not only the steps taken towards recognition and self-determination but also the path of unfinished business which lies before us. 

In the film, Shona Reid of Reconciliation SA asked us, to see this as a beginning of a conversation, where we read, learn and think about our role in the future:  a conversation that recognizes the rights of our Indigenous peoples and families to self-determination and empowerment.

As a national peak body for early childhood, Early Childhood Australia stands with Reconciliation SA as we share the same vision of a nation where every child is thriving and learning within their family and community.

All of our wonderful sponsors and supporters are below.