National Apology Day Film Premiere: Truth-Telling: Apology Day 2023

To commemorate the National Apology on 13 February 2008, Reconciliation SA will be releasing a 2023 Apology Commemoration Video.

This will be released in lieu of the Breakfast, following the success of the 2022 Apology Commemoration Video, which was able to be viewed online for free across Australia in the metro, regional, and remote areas.

The documentary will be released on YouTube at 8am on February 13th and will be shared across our social media and on our website.

We encourage workplaces to share this video and make time for staff to watch.

We look forward to your support of both the film and the community event.

Reconciliation SA will also be supporting other community organisations with the return of the National Apology Day Community march and event at Veale Gardens.