Reconciliation SA and Uluru Dialogue SA Leadership Team at WOMAD!

WOMADelaide is an annual four-day festival of Music, Arts and Dance, which was first held in 1992 in Botanic Park, Adelaide, South Australia. One of many WOMAD festivals held around the world, it is a four-day event that presents a multicultural selection of music from artists around the world, as well as side events such as discussions and talks.

In 2022 The weekend featured a number of artists such as Joseph and James Tawadros, who joined the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra in opening the festival. Over the weekend they were followed by First Nations artists such as Yolŋu rapper Baker Boy, A.B. Original who not only dominated the stage but were joined by Courtney Barnett, Thelma Plum and Mo’ju.

Adelaide's Electric Fields also drew a remarkable crowd as Zaachariaha Fielding and Michael Ross, joined by a collection of remarkable First Nations dancers, held the audience in awe late into the Sunday evening. Other highlights included the powerful hip hop of Malyangapa, Barkindji woman Barkaa.


From the Reconciliation SA stall, there was a lot of education and awareness-raising with people who weren’t previously aware of Reconciliation SA about who we are, what we do, and how they can get involved. The general response on both days was really positive, everyone who visited the stall was really engaged and interested in what we do.

The event led to an increase in followers on our social media websites, as well as donations which are highly appreciated. We look forward to continuing to deliver anti-racism workshops to the government departments, schools, clubs and more.

The team members that represented Reconciliation SA enjoyed their experience saying "Being involved in Reconciliation SA’s first stall as part of the Womad festival was the first time ever attending Womad and I found the experience a positive one. The general interest from people approaching the stall led to many different conversations. I felt our stall was a great platform for people to have those truth-telling conversations and ask questions that they have been unable to ask in their workplace or at home."

"The generosity from most people with their donations was amazing, to say the least. There were big donations, small donations and many in-between. There were a lot of people that wanted to know what Reconciliation SA did as an organisation and once we provided what we stood for, the responses were overwhelming with appreciation. In those two days, I found the whole experience very rewarding."

Reconciliation SA will look forward to building it's relationship with the WOMAD Festival.

It was also great to get support from the amazing Sally Scales and Arrin Hazelbane who attended the stall on behalf of the Uluru Dialogue SA Leadership team.