Reconciliation SA Launches Innovate RAP Plan

It’s been almost a month since the initial launch, but the release of Reconciliation SA’s June newsletter is the perfect time to announce to anyone that missed the National Reconciliation Breakfast that Reconciliation SA launched their own Innovate RAP plan.

Reconciliation SA CEO Shona Reid says “As an advocate and supporter of the Reconciliation Australia RAP program we believe the best way to demonstrate our own commitment to Reconciliation is to engage with the South Australian community with passion to ensure active and meaningful participation in our programs.

We believe that by developing and implementing this RAP we are leading by example, being accountable to our community and taking action to achieve our deep commitment to creating a just, equitable and reconciled South Australia.”

The Reconciliation SA RAP Working Group worked diligently for more than twelve months to develop the plan which they believe truly encompasses the meaning and vision of reconciliation. The working group included Reconciliation SA team, board members as well as community members including Mr. Bill Denny, who said of the RAP plan “Reconciliation is the single biggest cultural and moral challenge facing our nation today. We will never be able to successfully embrace a shared future until each one of us accepts the devastating impact our colonial past had on First Australians. Reconciliation Action Plans are an immediate, essential tool that will help us achieve that objective.”

Reconciliation Australia CEO Karen Mundine, who was in attendance at the National Reconciliation Week Breakfast to experience the launch, said “As an organisation whose core business is reconciliation, Reconciliation SA is ‘walking the talk’ and holding themselves accountable to the program they passionately advocate for and promote. This is a testament to their leadership, from the Board through to volunteers, and their belief in the importance of ensuring and maintaining the cultural
integrity of their organisation.”

The RAP group will continue to meet and plan for the next stage of the Reconciliation Action Plan, due to launch in May 2023.

To read the entire RAP, please click here.