The Indigenous Prayer

The Indigenous Prayer – Eva Johnson
Dear Lord,
I thank you from the depths of my heart
and from the wellsprings of my soul
I beseech thee to accept my humble words of gratitude
for all that you have done for me and my people
Lord, I thank you for the protection laws,
for assimilation,for christianising a proud and noble race
thank you for poverty, starvation, alcoholism, suicide
diseases such as smallpox, diphtheria, V.D. and of course
forced sterilisation
I especially want to thank the churches for their
well spirited organised fund raising campaigns
using Indigenous people and our condition as incentive
for their appeals Lord, I thank you
and bless all those anthropologists Lord
who dig up our graves and dust our bones
and destroy the dignity of our dead,
Lord I thank you
and thank you for missionaries and their humble words
and goodwill, and dedication
thank you for used clothes, mis-matched shoes, the Bible
handbags, the alphabet, velvet soap, evening gowns,
wedding veils and Lord
thank you for the Queen
Lord I give thank for tin sheds and food rations,
and bless the mining companies and Pine Gap missiles
I especially give thanks for loyal understanding and sympathy
police with riot helmets, mace, dogs, handcuffs and paddywagons
Thank you for blind justice Lord with ten thousand laws
and all-white juries, and especially for the soul destroying
institutions, Lord I thank you
and Lord bless Australia
the clever country
the land of opportunity,
freedom, and justice for all. ©