The Story of Kokoda

This poem was written my Harrison McLeod of Brighton Secondary School, and originally performed at their March to Kokoda Concert.

See cause we’ve been put down
Every since they reached our ground
We taught them our ways
For countless days
But as soon as they knew enough
They decided to reveal their bluff

Friends we were no longer
And now they were here to warmonger
Our land and our place
Our culture they defaced

But when the war began
Our ancestors decided to fight Japan
Despite the lack of rights
And fighting with nothing but whites
They took up there guns
And arose with the sun

They fought at each other’s side
But being aboriginal had no pride
Hiding away their true race
Because being black had no place

Kokoda is a story of mate ship
But ever since that first ship
Australia has been a place
where the original race has no face

I know this might be hard to hear
But we’re sick of living in fear
That the true story is never told
Because nobody is ever that bold

Moving forward we need to be one
No matter which one of us held the gun
Respecting those we lost
But at what cost

As I stand here with my back to the sun
Our true fight has only just begun
Because our Kokoda walk is just a small piece
Of a major fight for the right we call peace