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The terms of the agreement are as follows:

    Reconciliation South Australia (Rec SA)
  1. The volunteer/student agrees to complete tasks in consultation with and under the guidance of Rec SA staff
  2. The volunteer/student agrees to complete an induction and any training that may be necessary and relevant to their position.
  3. The volunteer/student agrees to follow all instructions in relation to the preservation and protection of Rec SA records and property.
  4. The volunteer/student agrees to provide reasonable notice to their supervisor and Volunteer Coordinator if they are unable to fulfil their shift/position.
  5. The volunteer/student agrees to respect the privacy of individuals and businesses, whose personal information may be contained in Rec SA records. All information received during the course of the volunteer/student’s work will be treated as confidential and not disclosed to external sources. The volunteer's/student's personal information will be treated confidentially.
  6. The volunteer/student agrees to follow instructions in accordance with the Workplace Health Safety Policy and other policies nominated in their induction.
  7. The volunteer/student agrees to report any accident, incident or injury to their supervisor and the Volunteer Coordinator immediately.
  8. Rec SA retains the ownership of and copyright in all material produced and created by the volunteer/student in fulfilling their role.
  9. The Volunteer is indemnified for approved activities under Volunteer Personal Accident Insurance policies for any loss, damage or injury that is caused to a third party arising out of the act or omission on the part of a volunteer. The Volunteer is covered by the Volunteer Personal Accident Policy up until the age of 85.
  10. Students completing an internship placement with Rec SA will be covered under their own university’s insurance policy.
  11. The volunteer/student’s service is not remunerated. The role will not be used to displace any employee or to staff a position which is a part of Rec SA’s regular workforce.
  12. The volunteer/student agrees to obtain a Working with Children Check or provide details of a current and valid check.
  13. The volunteer/student agrees to undertake a probationary period of one month from commencement date.
I Agree to the terms of the agreement for volunteers and students at Reconciliation South Australia events and locations*
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