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Building Relationships. Building Respect.

Building respectful relationships between Aboriginal people and the wider Australian community.


Who We Are

Learn about who Reconciliation SA are, our purpose, and what we stand for.

About Reconciliation SA


We are a dedicated not for profit organisation committed to advancing reconciliation between the broader community and Aboriginal peoples. We build respectful relationships between Aboriginal people and the wider Australian community. We engage individuals, schools, organisations and businesses and invite them to join us in creating meaningful and lasting reconciliation.


What We Do

Reconciliation SA’s services include helping organisations and businesses undertake Reconciliation Action Plans which are meaningful and transformative.

We also provide opportunities for individuals who wish to use their role in the community to advocate, share our message and bring others on the journey by becoming Reconciliation SA Partners. 

Our Purpose & Approach


Reconciliation SA creates opportunities for honesty, learning and positive action by non Aboriginal people who want to play their part in South Australia’s reconciliation journey.

Through an honest look at our history, celebration of successes achieved, exploring opportunities, and understanding the challenges ahead, we can begin to empower all South Australians to take actions towards a reconciled future.

Our purpose is to create a society that values and respects the cultures, rights, and contributions of Aboriginal people and a new generation of public advocates and influencers who will create meaningful and lasting reconciliation for the good of all South Australians.


Our People

Reconciliation SA is made up of a small team and is supported by a board of skills-based directors.

Walk with Us

Support reconciliation by becoming an Individual Member or an organisation, business or Corporate Partner of Reconciliation SA

Your RAP Journey

Reconciliation SA is able to assist with the development, evaluation, and implementation of organisations RAPS. Whether you are starting out, ready to take the next step, or understand how to make a change we can provide advice and direction.  

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