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Building respectful relationships between Aboriginal people and the wider Australian community.


Education, Action & Change

Reconciliation SA offers education and resources for large and small groups in corporate, community, and education settings.

Anti-racism resource for schools and preschools

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Reconciliation SA is proud to present Education, action, and change: an anti-racism resource for schools and preschools. The resource will assist preschools, primary and secondary schools in teaching and learning about racism and its impacts. 

Divided into three parts, the anti-racism resource provides a blueprint for teachers and educators to understand and address racism. 

Part one, education, outlines racism and its impacts.
Part two of the resource, action, addresses the actions someone can take to combat racism and have necessary conversations. 

Part three of the resource, change, provides suggestions for changes teachers and educators can make to dismantle racism in education and outlines strategies for all levels of education.

Education, Action & Change

Download the free resource here.

Meet our Ambassador for Education, Action & Change

Introducing Luke Carroll, Reconciliation SA's new ambassador for Education, Action & Change.

Luke Carroll is a proud Wiradjuri, and Ngunnawal man. Luke is a stage, television, and film actor, and has been a continued advocate for anti-racism and change to the systems that perpetuate racism in Australian society. Luke’s values align perfectly with the Education, action and change resource, and his work on the Playschool episodes Hand in hand and Acknowledgement of Country show the importance of having these conversations with children and young people.

Ambassador for Education, Action and Change

Reconciliation SA are proud to have Luke Carroll on board as the ambassador for Education, Action and Change.

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