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Building Relationships. Building Respect.

Building respectful relationships between Aboriginal people and the wider Australian community.


How to Take Action

Learn what you can do as an individual, school, or organisation to progress reconciliation in South Australia.

Reconciliation is everyone's responsibility

We all have an important role to play in reconciliation and everything little thing we can do, whether it be as an individual or large organisation, can make a huge difference to bringing about lasting change.
Here are some of the ways you can get involved and be a part of that change.

Attend an Event

Reconciliation SA hosts two flagship events every year, an annual general meeting, partners on other events and attends community events where possible. We're always looking for more opportunities to run and collaborate in events around reconciliation each year, so be sure to keep up to date with what's happening and when.

Reconciliation Action Plans

RAPs enable organisations to sustainably and strategically take meaningful action to advance reconciliation. Reconciliation SA can assist organisations to develop a RAP as a part of our fee for service program. 


Learning & Resources

Reconciliation SA offer a variety of learning tools and resources for educators and organisations for support in their Reconciliation journey.



Anti-Racism Program

Our Anti-Racism program is our flagship education program currently being rolled out for large and small groups in corporate, community, and education settings. 



Become a Volunteer

Reconciliation SA is always looking for an extra set of hands to help with events, exhibitions and community activities. You can register to become a volunteer below and be the first to hear about opportunities to help and be involved.

Walk with Us

We have five types of membership for individuals, educators, businesses and corporates. Joining Reconciliation SA means you're committed to action. 

More Ways to Take Action

Sponsor an Event

Sponsoring a Reconciliation SA Event is a fantastic way to demonstrate your organisations reconciliation leadership in SA and nationally.

Depending on your organisations capacity, there are a range of sponsorship packages to choose from. Contact us today to learn more.

Share our story

Reconciliation SA engages the community through in-person events, online and through filmmaking. 

We are still building our online & social media presence, and we'd love you to check out and share our channels with your networks & provide feedback so we can continually get better!

Broaden Your Knowledge

See what's happening in the national space and get to know Reconciliation Australia.

Here you can find a wide array of national resources, upcoming initiatives and movements and ways to help and get involved.

Walk with Us

Support reconciliation by becoming an Individual Member or an organisation, business or Corporate Partner of Reconciliation SA

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