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Reconciliation SA is deeply concerned that, less than twelve hours after our National Reconciliation Breakfast attended by 2800 South Australians - an event dedicated to advancing reconciliation in South Australia - the state’s largest newspaper, The Advertiser, has published a poll questioning “Does Welcome to Country get overused”. 

The poll has been brought to our attention by multiple community members who know that Reconciliation SA is committed to building relationships and building respect and that this year's theme; Now more than ever, is targeted at having genuine conversations, to educate and create awareness for all South Australians. We collaborate with Local government, State Governments Corporations, businesses and schools to invite curiosity and create understanding regarding Reconciliation with First Nations people.  

Such a poll has no place in our society. The poll's format—requiring respondents to use a 'heart' emoji for Yes (indicating they are overused) and a 'laugh' emoji for No (indicating they are not overused)—is particularly troubling, as it trivializes the issue. 

It is disheartening to see a major newspaper in our state resort to such provocative and meaningless content. We encourage all media outlets to lead discussion which informs and supports the public by providing intelligent, moral, and ethical commentary on the issues facing our state.  

We hope that in the future, The Advertiser will consider their role in the public discussion on Reconciliation and take greater care to avoid causing harm and offense when reporting or commenting on issues. We openly extend an invite to staff of the Advertiser to attend one of our Anti Racism programs to improve their understanding, know better – do better.  

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Post by Team Writer
May 28, 2024 5:18:02 PM