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Reconciliation SA is proud to be partnered with the University of Adelaide's 'Reconciling with the Frontier' project. The outcome of this project is a recently released website titled 'The South Australian Frontier and its Legacies'. The website is a digital resource that includes a geo-linked Story Map which collates numerous accounts of conflict between colonists and Aboriginal people in South Australia during the colonial era (pre-1836 to 1890).

The European occupation of Aboriginal land was violent and many Aboriginal people and some Europeans were killed as a direct result of European invasion.

'The South Australian Frontier and its Legacies' website explores encounters between our Ancestors, European settlers, and the Colonial Government. It collates for the first time archival records of conflict and contemporary oral histories with South Australia's First Nations communities.

Some of these encounters were recorded by government officials, sympathetic settlers, church leaders and missionaries. The site references archival records of frontier conflict - such as court reports, newspaper accounts, settlers’ diaries and reminiscences, government records including police and the Protector’s correspondence, colonial artworks and photographs - and makes these sources available to the public

The project team recognises that the material contained in this site forms one part of the diversity of voices and perspectives on the histories and experiences of South Australia’s colonial frontiers, and that other accounts are still to be shared.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that this site contains images, names and written depictions of people who are deceased. Caution is advised when visiting the site as it contains words and language in archival records that are unacceptable today and historical information which may cause trauma and hurt.

Further work will be undertaken to explore how this website can be used for the benefit of the Nunga Nation of SA and how we can build a meaningful journey of reconciliation across South Australia.

We encourage you to explore The South Australian Frontier and its Legacies website and the wealth of recourses available there as we continue our journey of information sharing, education and reconciliation with our nation's history. 

Post by Team Writer
Jun 5, 2024 10:27:55 AM