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It's been a busy, and tough, last few months here at Reconciliation SA.

We've launched a new logo, as we try to modernize our organisation and keep with the demand of the reconciliation world. We've launched a new website, which continues to be developed as we look to provide a great user experience. We've updated our membership model, prices and have developed a range of new programs and products. 

This has been around organising the recent Reconciliation SA Fundraising Gala, and a number of other workshops, site visits and supporting the Yes23 campaign.

It's been stressful and time consuming. 

But outside of work, many of the team have had some positives. 

You may have recently attended a Reconciliation SA event, or seen the photos online. These events are designed by Events and Sponsorship Coordinator Jessi Tilbrook. Outside of work, Jessi also runs her own record label, organises music shows and events, and is a drummer in the Heavy Metal band, Rocky's Pride and Joy.

Rocky's Pride and Joy recently launched its debut album, All the Colours of Darkness, to some great reviews, and their first video clip for 'Your Hell', which was recently released has had over 1000 views on YouTube, to fantastic comments.

Their album launch, on the 13th of October at The Metro, was a sell-out, and the album can be found on Spotify. Rocky's Pride and Joy will also feature in a number of performances across Australia over the course of October/November. You can find more info on their social media page.

Rocky's Pride and Joy was also nominated for the People's Choice Award at the SA Music Awards 2023.



Our experienced consultant Shaun Childs, became a father for the first time earlier this year, in early February. He and his partner Alycia welcomed baby daughter Ella, and Shaun has been trying madly to make her a Port Adelaide supporter ever since. 

Shaun has also continued to play football and just capped off a fantastic season.

Shaun plays A-Grade for Willaston Football Club, and in 2023 played his 200th senior game. But not only that, at the end of the season, after losing a game to concussion and injury, was still awarded the A-Grade Most Consistent Award and came in third in his clubs best and fairest awards.

Shaun also represented Mallee Park (Port Lincoln) in the South Australian Aboriginal Football and Netball State Carnival and was 20 years since he played his first carnival. The team made the grand final, losing by a couple points. straight after playing in Port Augusta, Shaun and his family had to drive back to Adelaide to pack to leave for Brisbane the next morning to play in the over 35's SA state team held at Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast. SA made the grand final but lost to Queensland.

Following the grand final, Shaun played in an inaugural Indigenous team with mobs from all different ages and areas across Australia and the team won, creating bonds that will last forever.  



Education consultant, Natalie Gentle recently came back from a month-long vacation to Japan. A bucket list trip for her, she spent the month visiting iconic locations like Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, as well as some places you may not have heard of like Amami Oshima (actual paradise) or Takayama.

Nat has collected some great travel stories including accidentally ordering chicken sashimi (raw chicken) twice, a delicacy in some regions of Japan, but perhaps not for the fragile; and getting mauled by hungry and persistent deer on a tourist trip to Nara that was more terrifying than it was the adorable experience we hoped.

Natalie spent the month walking everywhere, sleeping on tatami mats, catching trains with their own personalised station jingles, seeing art and architecture and of course, trying all the cuisine from Japanese fruit sandwiches to fish still wriggling on the plate. Most importantly, it was a great opportunity to rest and recuperate after what has been a busy year.


Outside of work, our Content Producer Travis Akbar is also a writer and filmmaker. He has been to the SXSW Sydney to premiere his short film Tambo, and then back to Adelaide for the South Australian premiere as part of the Adelaide Film Festival.

The film is set in 1916 and follows First Nations soldier, Tambo, as he returns to Australia after seeing his unit decimated on the beaches of Gallipoli. Tambo expects to be treated like an equal, but he quickly experiences racism and is forced to on a journey of self-rediscovery to feel comfortable in the world he's returned to. You can read more about Travis and the film here.

Now our longest serving team member, Reconciliation SA has been supporting Travis on his film journey ever since he started with the organisation in 2019.


Post by Team Writer
October 25, 2023